Model & Parent Guidance

Many young people want to get into modelling, and it is sadly because of this that many are being exploited by unscrupulous individuals posing as model agents/scouts. Linden Staub provides professional advice on the correct & safe procedures for embarking upon a modelling career.

Below is some basic guidance on getting into the modelling industry:

  1. We NEVER scout via third parties (scouts/photographers/agents etc). Unless they have an email they are not affiliated with us. If you are unsure, phone or email the agency directly and someone will be able to inform you of the correct steps to get in touch with us. We do not work in partnership with anyone to create model portfolios.
  2. Never agree to meetings with anyone outside of our offices (3rd Floor, 29 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PF). Have a responsible adult accompany you to the meeting if you are underage. If you cannot attend in person, submit your images through our website:
  3. Be safe online! People may often contact you through social media or on online platforms. Social Media Scouting will always be referred to emails and unless you are speaking with someone who has an email address then they do NOT represent Linden Staub. Do NOT give your personal details out to people online – contact us directly via our website.
  4. Do NOT pay for portfolio pictures! You do not need professional, paid for images to be able to start modelling. Coming into the agency in person or having some natural snap shots is all that you need to suggest yourself to an agency. If anyone ever asks you to pay for portfolio images in order to be signed by a model agency they are being dishonest.
  5. Beware of ‘Model & influencer Apps’. Many online platforms will promise gifting and money in return for social posts and affiliations – be wary! If they are not a BFMA listed model agency, then they are not abiding by the UK’s government guidelines and law for model agencies and their contracts will not be safe or fair.

If you are ever in doubt, please feel free to call Linden Staub on +44 (0)20 3871 0902