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Sammy is a London-based model and fitness influencer currently in Sydney, Australia. Sammy is a master content creator, and working with her pro photographer housemate can create beautiful imagery for any brand from their home studio in a stunning tropical location.

Sammy has always been interested in fitness – her dad is a triathlete and so the two started to train together early on. However, university really pushed her to focus on this as a way to relieve stress in a healthy way. Amongst exams, filming for the show, piano practice, opera singing training, and modelling, she would find time in her day to workout, and to follow a strict regime. After much demand, Sammy now regularly shares specific easy-to-follow workouts from her gym sessions with her followers, healthy recipes perfect for the typical fitness bunny, and the lifestyle tips and tricks to which she owes her enviable model figure.

Sammy is currently training for the London Marathon 2020, raising funds for Cancer Research UK, a cause close to her heart.