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Karimah is a London based multidisciplinary artist with ties to a rich heritage from Wales, Yemen and Bangladesh. Her work revolves around localised community-driven storytelling, locations and cultural diversity. She also widely draws upon her Islamic faith for inspiration.

The pivotal aspect of Hassan’s practice involves hosting ‘community showcase teasers’ through the explorative means of ‘exhibiting’. In a curated line up, Karimah exhibits her painting alongside poetry readings, open-mic sessions, live jazz and even football matches. In this way, Hassan combines the artwork, the painting subject, and community members together in one united space of collective understanding. After graduating with a MA in Architecture from London’s Royal College of Art and the Mural Career Development programme in Toronto, Karimah went on to work with world leading institutions and brands most notably: The Barbican, Ferragamo, Burberry The Art’s Council England, The Highline New York, Toronto Council and the Cross Platforms, to name a few.

Karimah has also worked on many successful partnerships under the umbrella of Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation where she is an artist in residence. She recently finished her latest project ‘Strangers Yearbook’ – a real time Insta-gallery featuring portraits of strangers and the various emotional states they experienced during lock down.