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Heloise is a London-based, Parisian-born model, and Naturopathic Medicine university student. She has been an integral part of the French fashion circle from a young age – her mother is PR Director at Dior Cou- ture, her aunt is the Creative Director at Dior Jewellery, and her great uncle, Gilles Dufour, was the designer of haute couture brands, such as Balmain and Chanel.

Although Ell has lived in London since she was 13 years old, her Parisian family and friends have inspired her everyday beauty routines and personal style, which can only be described as classically French, with a British edge. She swears by ‘less is more’, but oozes enviable Parisian elegance.

Ell has been on a journey with her skin specifically, having suffered from acne throughout her teens. Although her skin is now flawless, the expe- rience has made her conscious of the cosmetic products she chooses to use, opting for those that are natural and organic, and follows this right through to the ingredi- ents in her food and drink. Now, half way through her degree course, which focuses heavily on nutrition and biol- ogy, Ell is using her specialist knowledge to inform her personal lifestyle choices, as well as her loyal and growing following on Instagram.

Ell is planning to take this one step further in 2019, with her sights set on educating a younger, conscious audience, who are hungry for more transparency and information about beauty, skincare and nutrition.