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Amber Rowan was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with Alopecia. A friend spotted a small patch of hair missing at the back of her head during an English class, which gradually grew larger. Within one year she was completely bald, and had lost her eyebrows and eyelashes.

Amber was scouted as a model soon after losing her hair – a loss that brought about a huge gain, kick-starting her personal journey of self-acceptance and rebuilding her confidence. This year Amber launched Hairfree, a safe space sharing emotional and practical support through stories, advice and tutorials, covering health and wellness, beauty and fashion. Through Hairfree, Amber aims to normalise the condition in both the fashion and beauty industries, and to challenge conventional beauty standards in the UK and beyond.

Combined with her continued passion as an actress, where she has already worked alongside the best names in Irish film, and played a lead in the American TV show Guilt, available on Netflix, Amber’s uniquely upbeat and inspirational outlook brings integrity, optimism and courage to every project she embarks on.