Karimah's 2020 ongoing quarantine Art Series, The Strangers Yearbook, will be on display May 1 - Jun 10 at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London.

"The Strangers Yearbook’ is an art project that I set up at the beginning of lock down, 2020, to document how people are feeling during ‘this time of uncertainty’. To get involved participants send me a selfie and a description of how they are feeling, which I then paint and post online. The project lives as an on-going Instagram gallery and reads like a real time update of how people feel and what they are going through.

The project is taking on a life of its own and strangers from around the world are asking to participate. I’ve received honest responses from people of all walks of life including NHS doctors, cancer survivors, and refugees on the run. Despite the wide variety of narratives, I’ve found connection in each person’s confession –after all, love and loss are universal."

Visit The Strangers Yearbook Instagram ~here~