Why Pay The Next Day?

Linden Staub made one promise from the start, to always pay our Mother Agent talent the day after completing a job.

Freelance and self-employed talent represent a core section of the workforce that contributes £145 billion to the UK economy annually, yet they remain one of the least protected. Delayed payment is a long tolerated malpractice that threatens the future of the sustainable supply chain. At any time in the UK more than half of the country’s freelancers have not received payment for work they have completed within the previous 60 days. These practices negatively impact quality of life, hindering financial independence in the process.

‘Pay The Next Day’ is our commitment to fairness, equality and responsibility. It is the foundation that supports all of our social impact related campaigns, and it empowers our community. Our goal is to work with our industry to educate and encourage fair payment practices to that ‘Pay The Next Day’ will no longer be a novel concept, but an industry standard.