Joanne Palmaro’s guide to Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Let an Italian femme fatale show you around the iconic cliffside village.

Photographed by Jake Terrey

Actress, model and writer Joanne Palmaro may live in Paris, but her vibe is pure Italian femme fatale. Like a young Sophia Loren, Palmaro fully inhabits her individuality – there’s no self-conscious smile for the camera and no awkward lean in an effort to improve her silhouette. She is languid and relaxed, beguilingly twirling pasta around a fork as she talks passionately about classic Italian cinema. Should the conversation turns to Fellini’s directing, you will not outsmart her. In other words, an Italian dream girl.


The face of Alex and Trahanas new campaign (appropriately titled, ‘La Bella Figura’), Palmaro has just finished modelling the lifestyle brand’s latest collection of jewellery in her beloved Positano on the Amalfi Coast. “I grew both as a person and a woman the first time I came here [to Positano],” she says. “It’s where I ultimately found a sense of peace and fulfillment.”

Scroll down for Palmaro’s favourite places to stay, eat, see and shop in this picturesque cliffside village.


Ristorante Da Adolfo Di Bella Sergio, Via Laurito
This restaurant has a special place in my heart. Besides the simplicity and the goodness of the food, the authenticity of it is something that never changes. It gives you that extremely warm feeling of home.

Bar InternazionaleVia G. Marconi
Having coffee and sitting for hours there is my favourite thing in the world. Nothing pretentious, but more precious than any fancy coffee shop.


MAR Positano Villa Romana (archeological museum), Piazza Flavio Gioia
Go and visit the ruins of the Roman villas of Positano built at the end of the first century BC. It’s under the actual houses of Positano – it’s breathtaking and takes you to Roman Times.

Conca dei Marini 
This was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s favourite place on the Amalfi Coast. Go and spend the day there, eat the zucchini pasta from La Tonnarella restaurant that she loved, and feel for a moment like you’re sitting beside her.

This is a mystical place – a village on top of the mountains, overlooking the bay of Salerno. I highly recommend going to see a concert at night in summer here; I saw Philipp Glass two years ago. With the magical setting and his piano, I felt like I could die happy!

A very charming little village right next to Amalfi. You can walk between the two – have a pizza and go for a stroll.



Emporio Le Sirenuse BoutiqueVia Cristoforo Colombo
The house brand of the Sirenuse Hotel, designed by the iconic Carla Sersale. Her store is the epitome of the chic in Positano. The pieces are so fine and uniquely beautiful. The new collection is a true representation of the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and of Italian style. Your one-stop resort shop.

La Bottega Di Brunella, Viale Pasitea
It’s one of my favorite clothing brands in Positano. They have many shops around town. You almost wish the airport lost your luggage, just so you could go and grab a whole new wardrobe there.

Ceramica Artistica Solimene Vincenzo, Via Madonna degli Angeli, Vietri sul Mare
I love the traditional ceramics of the Amalfi coast – you should get an entire set before leaving. Have a day in Vietri sul Mare, it’s best to go by car. The shop was designed by the amazing architect Paolo Soleri.

Il Frutti Vendolo, Via Laurito
This fruit stand is next to the beautiful Il San Pietro di Positano hotel and Salvatore, the owner, is a character. He taught me how to clean my leather shoes with a good olive oil while a bunch of tourists were waiting for their lemons and fresh juices. His homemade juice is so good and refreshing. You’ll love it!



Le Sirenuse, Via Cristoforo Colombo
This hotel is the incarnation of la dolce vita – a place where it would be a dream to live. It’s of another time, and brings to mind the golden age of Italy.


Buy a kitsch bikini at a Positano tourist shop
It’s my tradition. I always get a cotton bikini for a very old-school look.