During lockdown, Jasmin collaborated with Foot Locker, creating personalised content for their communities across Europe. The project aimed to further explore diversity and togetherness, by amplifying key voices and shining a light on positivity, providing a platform to inspire, engage and hopefully educate.

The importance of coming together as a community has been prevalent recently and we can only move forward in a positive light and yield real change if we do so TOGETHER. I’ve found that it’s important to LEARN about the happenings of the world around us. REFLECT on and QUESTION what we don’t know and elevate ourselves individually, ensuring we do our part COLLECTIVELY. RESEARCH and EDUCATE ourselves; constantly STAY AWARE in knowing and BE ACTIVE in doing. There are battles we witness society under go daily, and it’s up to us to SUPPORT and TAKE ACTION and MAKE A DIFFERENCE… FULL STOP.