We Pay to Empower

We Pay to Empower

At Linden Staub, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait months for clients to pay you. You do the job, we pay you the next day. Transparency & honesty is what we are about, empowering our models every step of the way. 


Female Empowerment [news]

Astin by Josefin Malmen [stories]

Lotje for Emilio Pucci SS18 #MFW [stories]

Tsiu-Kim for L'Officiel Indonesia [stories]

Rossana Kiana 19.09 [instagram]

Emma Appleton for Self Service Magazine [news]

Maxim Magnus for Self Service Magazine [news]

Ella by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Lotje by Kevin Voller [stories]

Dasha 18.09.17 [instagram]

Brogan Loftus for Emporio Armani SS18 #LFW [stories]

Linden Staub featured in Harper's Bazaar UK #Empowered [news]

Maxim Magnus featured in Hunger Magazine [news]

Pia Priewe for Burberry SS18 #LFW [stories]

Linden Staub x Paula Knorr SS18 #LFW #Exclusive [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Michael Kors SS18 #NYFW [stories]

Tsiu Kim for Red Milk Magazine [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Ralph Lauren SS18 #NYFW [stories]

Tsiu Kim for Maire Claire Turkey [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Oscar De La Renta SS18 #NYFW [stories]

Astin by Cre8tive Effection [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Zimmerman SS18 #NYFW [stories]

Lotte by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Lizaveta by Kevin Voller [stories]

Josephin Hamm for Marie Claire Australia [stories]

3/3: Maxim Magnus - Perfectly Imperfect [news]

Dasha - Unconditional Magazine [story]

2/3: Maxim Magnus - The Big Surgery [news]

Pia Priewe - Jungle Magazine August 2017 [stories]

1/3: Maxim Magnus - The Road To Self Love [news]

Jordan by Luc Coiffait [stories]

#Introducing Maxim Magnus [stories]

Rossana Adorno by Chi Yan [stories]

Molly by Luc Coiffait [stories]

Francesca Cioffi ~ Go See with Alessandro Furchino [stories]

Lotje by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Lydia Atchison for Nu You Magazine [stories]

Alisha by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Linden Staub featured in Nylon Magazine [news]

Magda for Women's Health Poland [stories]

Vasilisa for Marie Claire Turkey ~ August 2017 [stories]

Lydia Atchison for ELLE Singapore [stories]

Lotje by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Pia Priewe for Ganni Campaign AW 2017 [stories]

Molly Polaroids [polaroids]

Tsiu-Kim Bagan x ALOE Campaign [news]

Lydia Atchison for Pin Prestige Magazine ~ August 2017 [stories]

Emma Appleton x Daks Campaign AW17 [stories]

Astin by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Lizaveta by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Yana Shulzenko for Harper's Bazaar Turkey [stories]

Lydia Atchison for L'Officiel Singapore [stories]

Lizaveta by Sam Jackson [stories]

Lisa for Roses and Roses [stories]

Lizaveta by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Introducing ~ Lizaveta [stories]

Dasha Denisenko for Jaeger [stories]

Georgia K by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Lisa for Chahong Academy [stories]

Lizaveta Polaroids [polaroids]

Astin for OOB Magazine [stories]

Rossana Adorno for Curated Thailand [stories]

Linden Staub by Lauretta Suter [polaroids]

Valentino x MyTheresa [news]

New Faces by Kazuki [stories]

Lisa for 2Flow Lookbook [stories]

Catherine Neilson for Manor Magazine [stories]

Francesca Cioffi for Soap Opera Fanzine [stories]

Rossana Adorno by Lauretta Suter [stories]

Lisa for Neighbor Magazine [stories]

Lotje for Kaltblut Magazine [stories]

Bethany Polaroids [polaroids]

Paige Stevens Volunteering in Bangladesh [news]

Kaya by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Lisa for Heritage Muine [stories]

Pia Priewe by Lauretta Suter [stories]

Georgia K by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Kaya by Arthur Yue [stories]

Lisa for SL Capsule [stories]

Tsiu-Kim for South China Morning Post [stories]

Get Georgie To Drama School! [news]

Lisa for Hollysatuns S/S 17 [stories]

Josephin Hamm ~ Someplace Store [stories]

Francesca Cioffi ~ Metal Magazine [stories]

Georgia K by Luc Coiffait [stories]

Gemma Steele by Constance Victoria [stories]

Rossana Adorno for Everyday KMK Lookbook [stories]

Galina Arkhi by Walnut Wax [stories]

Yana Shulzenko for Be'Style Magazine Turkey [stories]

Yana Shulzenko for Women's Style Turkey [stories]

Lisa for AFLAF Summer Lookbook [stories]

Yana for ELLE Turkey [stories]

Summer Vibes with Kiana [polaroids]

Kiana Cummings by Pedro Antunes [stories]

Emma Appleton for Constance Victoria [stories]

Linden Staub x Villandry 'Best of Supper Club' [news]

Friday Vibes x Jennifer [polaroids]

Laura Idrisova for Just Magazine [stories]

Emma Appleton Stars in BBC's 'Clique' [news]

Georgie Taylor for Elléments Magazine [stories]

Kate by Jordan Groves [stories]

#ComingSoon <3 Lisa [polaroids]

Paige Stevens for GLAMCULT Magazine [stories]

Kiana for Vulkan Magazine [stories]

Emma Appleton ~ Paper London Resort '17 [stories]

Lisa for Avenuel Magazine [stories]

Yana Shulzenko by Danilo Pavlovic [stories]

Tsiu-Kim Bagan for Bricks Magazine [stories]

Pia Priewe for Harrods [stories]

#LindenStaub by Craig Fleming [stories]

Laura Idrisova by Josh Showell [stories]

Rossana Adorno by Pisid Whangvisarn [stories]

Francesca Cioffi ~ The Ocean Foundation Book [stories]

Justine by Natasja Fourie [stories]

Brogan for Diva Online [stories]

Laura Idrisova by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Kiana ~ Adidas SS17 [stories]

Pia Priewe ~ Off Black Magazine [stories]

Tsiu Kim Bagan for Liike Magazine [stories]

Magda for TopTen10 Campaign [stories]

Justine by Liqiao Zhu [stories]

Pia Priewe for American Vintage FW17 [stories]

Francesca for M Le Monde [stories]

Mira by Jakub Koziel #ComingSoon [stories]

Ella for Numero Homme [stories]

Magda for Ader Error Korea [stories]

Tsiu-Kim for Wonderland [stories]

Lydia for Annabelle Magazine [stories]

Galina for Harvey Nichols HK [stories]

Lydia by Manny Seguin [stories]

Go See with Thea Lovstad [stories]

Magda ~ J.Estina Red Campaign [stories]

Pia ~ Peutery Campaign SS17 [stories]

Jess by Pedro Antunes [stories]

Anastasiia for Marie Claire Turkey [stories]

L'Etiquette Look Book [stories]

Gre1scale Lookbook [stories]

Galina for Elle Hong Kong [stories]

Kiana ~ Myro Wulff [stories]

Lydia for Soap Opera Fanzine [stories]

Tsiu-Kim Bagan by Sam Jackson [stories]

Agnes for Lula Japan [stories]

Kiana for Elle Portugal [stories]

We Pay to Empower [news]

Alisha by Angelika Wierzbicka [stories]

Tsiu-Kim x Wonderland [stories]

Francesca by Laurence Ellis [stories]

Yana ~ Jakub Koziel [stories]

#InTown - Pia Priewe [polaroids]

Linden Staub Featured in Observer's Most Relevant Fashion Figures in 2017 [news]

Kiana by Domante Kaminskaite [stories]

Tsiu-Kim by Stella Morais [stories]

Yana by Olivia Lifungula [stories]

Yana by Natalie Eloise [stories]

Lydia Atchison for Levi's SS17 [stories]

Galina for Ming Magazine [stories]

Paige Stevens for Design Scene [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Akris [stories]

Dasha Denisenko for Haider Ackermann [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Vivienne Westwood [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Lanvin [stories]

JP x Design Scene [stories]

Galina for Indie Magazine [stories]

Agnes for Bon Digital [stories]

Tsiu-Kim for Bon Digital [stories]

Stephanie Alcaino x Linden Staub [stories]

Agnes by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Introducing Kiana [polaroids]

Galina for Stylist Magazine [stories]

Lydia - 22/02/17 [instagram]

Mother of Pearl [news]

Rossana Adorno - Apres Midi [stories]

#AW17 [stories]

Agnes by Olivia Lifungula [stories]

L I N D E N ~ S T A U B #AW17 [news]

Dasha 16.02.17 [instagram]

18.02.2017 Magda [instagram]

Katie Koren for Grit Magazine [stories]

Francesca for Dazed and Confused [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Michael Kors #AW17 [stories]

Jamaine Kato Shoots Beauty [stories]

Dasha Denisenko for Zimmermann [stories]

JP for Tome AW17 [stories]

Magda by Alina Kolomiichenko [stories]

Dasha Denisenko: Milly SS17 Campaign [stories]

Alisha by Lauretta Suter [stories]

Pia Priewe for Anabelle Magazine [stories]

Dasha Denisenko Polaroids [polaroids]

Lydia Atchison by Josefin Malmen [stories]

Georgie Taylor by Jakub Koziel [stories]

Lydia Atichson by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

10 Magazine: Tsiu Kim & Jennifer Koch [stories]

Georgie Taylor 01.02.2017 [instagram]

Galina ~ Jungle Magazine [stories]

Katie Koren for Noctis Magazine [stories]

Galina 26.1.17 [instagram]

Tatler Magazine [stories]

JP x Jakub Koziel [stories]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Introducing: Magda [stories]

Josefin Malmen [stories]

Linden Staub New Faces by Amy Opstal [stories]

Olivia Lifungala [stories]

Now Representing Lydia Atchison [stories]

Galina X RIM-ARK Campaign Video [news]

RIM-ARK SS17 Campaign [stories]

Galina #InTown [polaroids]

Brogan x Vivienne Westwood Unisex [stories]

Kaya by Joan Minder [stories]

Brogan 09.01.17 [instagram]

Pia x Warehouse Campaign [stories]

24.12.2016 Galina [instagram]

Linden Staub Featured in 2016 Start Up Guide London endorsed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan [news]

Sebastian Sabal-Bruce [stories]

Agnes by Angelika Wierzbicka [stories]

rossana 9.12.16 [instagram]

Katie Koren for HUF Magazine [stories]

Agnes by Josefin Malmen [stories]

JP x Marie Claire Hong Kong [stories]

dasha 17.11.16 [instagram]

Antonia for 1 Granary [stories]

Francesca for 1 Granary [stories]

#ComingSoon [polaroids]

Sicky Magazine [stories]

Agnes by Luc Coiffait [stories]

#WatchThisFace #Agnes [polaroids]

katie 22.11.19 [instagram]

Flair Germany [stories]

JP x British ELLE [stories]

Marie Claire France [stories]

Katie 17.11.16 [instagram]

Josephin by Angelika Wierzbicka [polaroids]

Angelika Wierzbicka [stories]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Metal Magazine [stories]

Alisha & Ariana for M Le Monde [stories]

Luc Coiffait [stories]

Angelika Wierzbicka [stories]

British Girls Magazine [stories]

Katie Koren by Jamaine Kato [stories]

JP 31.10.2016 [instagram]

Dasha 28.10.16 [instagram]

Luc Coiffait [stories]

Danilo Pavlovic [stories]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Lula Japan [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Lanvin [stories]

Robert Bellamy x Linden Staub [stories]

Christopher Fenner [stories]

JP by Jesse Laitinen [stories]

JP by Angelika Wierzbicka [polaroids]

L'Obs Magazine [stories]

Plaza Magazine [stories]

Supplement Magazine [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Akris [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Michael Kors [stories]

SS17 Show Package #ECHO [stories]

#ECHO SS17 Video [news]

SS17 Show Package #ECHO [stories]

Tank Magazine [stories]

SS17 Show Package #ECHO [stories]

#WatchThisFace [polaroids]

SS17 Show Package #ECHO [stories]

Commons & Sense Magazine [stories]

SS17 Show Package #ECHO [stories]

JP 12.09.16 [instagram]

Angelika Wierzbicka [stories]

Rossana by Stephanie Yt [stories]

Krzystof Frankiewicz [stories]

Bianca 09.09.16 [instagram]

Yon Magazine [stories]

Galina Arkhi Polaroids [polaroids]

L'Officiel Singapore [stories]

Galina by Jesse [polaroids]

Coming Soon // Arisa [polaroids]

Happy Birthday Galina [stories]

Galina 16.08.16 [instagram]

Dasha 09.09.16 [instagram]

Coming Soon [polaroids]

Jennifer by Helen McArdle [stories]

Walnut Wax [stories]

Sport & Street Magazine [stories]

Grace 03.08.16 [instagram]

Illustration by Emma Miranda Moore [stories]

Coming soon - Rossana [polaroids]

First Look: Elettra by Jakub Koziel [polaroids]

Bianca 27.07.2016 [instagram]

Vanity Fair Italia [stories]

Robert Bellamy x Linden Staub [stories]

When Francesca met Angelika Wierzbicka [polaroids]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Luc Coiffait [stories]

Pia 20.07.2016 [instagram]

JP 20.07.2016 [instagram]

Armani Prive [stories]

Galina Arkhi x Tony Ward [stories]

Dasha Denisenko x Alexis Mabille [stories]

04.07.2016 - Galina [instagram]

Rossana featured on Models In The Raw [news]

Model Talents - Galina's Floristry [news]

22.06.2016 [instagram]

Katie Koren....Coming Soon [polaroids]

Zimmermann Resort - Coming Soon [stories]

Francesca 15.06.2016 [instagram]

Maiyet Resort 2017 [stories]

Izzy 09.06.2016 [instagram]

Pia Priewe Polaroids [polaroids]

Dasha 01.06 [instagram]

Common & Sense Magazine [story]

Interview Russia [stories]

Rossana by Krzyzstof Frankiewicz [stories]

Izzy 16.6.16 [instagram]

IO Donna [story]

Tush Magazine [story]

Jennifer 09.06.2016 [instagram]

Pia 06.06.2016 [instagram]

Tatler Hong Kong [story]

Dasha Denisenko for Vogue Ukraine [stories]

Masha Mel [stories]

All Magazine [story]

Daniele Rossi [story]

Jakub Koziel [story]

L'Officiel Italia [story]

Vogue Ukraine Beauty [story]

Jennifer Koch by Jakub Koziel [story]

JP for Ming Pao Magazine [polaroids]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Josephin Now Rep [instagram]

JP 31.03.16 [instagram]

MM6 Prefall Collection [story]

Jennifer Koch Polaroid Time [polaroids]

Anna Daki [stories]

Francesca Cioffi [instagram]

Vogue Ukraine [stories]

Puss Puss [story]

Jakub Koziel [story]

Coming Soon - Katie Koren [polaroids]

Krzysztof Frankiewicz [story]

Pia Instagram 01 [instagram]

Rossana [instagram]

Izzy 31.03.16 [instagram]

Jakub Koziel [stories]

Numero Tokyo [story]

Finlandia Magazine [story]

1 Granary [stories]

Pia Now Rep [instagram]

Linnea3 [instagram]

Stylist France [story]

Vivienne Westwood Gold [story]

Jakub Koziel [story]

Bianca Kuhn Polaroids [polaroids]

Numero Tokyo [story]

Fashion Miami [stories]

Dasha Instagram 01 [instagram]

L'Officiel Netherlands [story]

Vogue Russia [story]

L'Officiel Mexico [story]

Figaro [story]

Daniel Nadel [stories]

Glamour Italia [story]

Numero Thailand [story]

Grazia Germany [story]

Vogue Hellas [stories]

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