Females in Film

Females in Film

For International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of incredible females to watch in film, out this year.


The inspiring story of Dolores Huerta; a mother of 11 who defied gender norms by co-founding America’s first farmworkers union. The documentary follows her journey from protesting on the picket line, to a brutal beating from police - with her gender being the greatest obstacle of all.

Ingrid Goes West

A black comedy critiquing the shackles placed on women today - Instagram. Ingrid Goes West exposes the damaging effects of social media, capturing the millennial obsession whilst highlighting the importance of Insta-fame in our culture.  

The Love Witch

A feminist fantasy of witchcraft, paying tribute to Technicolour cinestyle. Young witch Elaine casts quite the spell over a succession of men...with some deadly consequences. The Love Witch herself is a vision of female empowerment, written, directed and edited by wonder woman Anna Biller.

Battle of the Sexes

Billie Jean King (played by Emma Stone) is challenged by tennis champ/self-proclaimed ‘Chauvinistic Pig,’ Bobby Riggs. The biopic Battle of the Sexes follows the on & off court struggle of sexism and sports in 1973.

Patti Cake$

A rags-to-riches story of rapper Patricia Dombrowski, navigating the male dominated scene, determined to prove her worth. With a fun soundtrack of hip hop bangers and retro ballads, this New Jersey girl defies her crippling self confidence issues in this farfetched fairytale to success.


Female Empowerment [news]

Lou Kenny by Isabella Lombardi [stories]

Lizaveta for L'Officiel Azerbaijan [stories]

Jessica by Jakub Koziel [news]

Francesca for Hunger [stories]

Pia for Oyster Magazine [stories]

Kiana Cummings for InTheWritersMind [news]

Maxim Magnus for i-D [news]

Georgie Taylor for Axelife [stories]

Maxim Magnus for Nike x i-D Germany ~ The Force Is Female [news]

Charlotte by Isabella Lombardini [stories]

Dasha by Andrew Espinal [stories]

Erin by Constance Victoria [stories]

Linden Staub x RIXO London [news]

Lydia Atchison by Carter Bowman [stories]

Jessica by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Jessica by Carter Bowman [stories]

Milou by Catherine Harbour [stories]

Lizaveta for Elle Turkey [stories]

Magda by Brittany Roughton [stories]

Lizaveta for ALL Magazine [stories]

Justine by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Francesca Cioffi for Cartography Magazine [stories]

Charlotte by Lucas Suchorab [stories]

Aaminah by Ashton Fernihough [stories]

Vlada for Ming Pao Magazine [stories]

Yana Shulzenko for Heron Indonesia [stories]

Georgia x Dior ~ Disney Roller Girl [news]

Lizaveta for BASED Istanbul [stories]

Georgia x Dior ~ Disney Roller Girl [stories]

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